First-class quality. Always. To ensure and maintain this standard we live by the rule “better safe than sorry.” We make an even greater effort than others. A special air sterilisation system for instance ensures that we have such low exposure to germs that we are able to guarantee a minimum shelf-life of 10 days without using preservatives.

Not only are our hygiene standards extremely high, we don’t make any compromises when it comes to our raw ingredients either. Four members of staff are permanently dedicated to checking them for their degree of ripeness, taste and texture prior to processing. During production all raw ingredients have to undergo analysis in the laboratory on a daily basis. In total we have 2000 samples tested every year.

Monitoring is not over even when the fruit salad has finally been packaged. A detector scans every single container and automatically rejects anything that might contain foreign substances. Traceability is also ensured: A barcode on the lid clearly shows the origin of every single piece of fruit and where it was delivered to, for complete transparency from beginning to end.

Simply competent